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Hi, my name is Mary.  I’m an award winning chef whose professional experience over the last two decades has evolved into a career focused on food photography. 

Spending years crafting dishes in fine dining restaurants honed my ability to style products that leave a lasting impression of the flavor and beauty of the dish.  My deep appreciation and understanding of ingredients is a staple of both my culinary and visual aesthetic.

Time after time, I found myself wanting to capture images of unique dishes, but was left disappointed with the results.  The quick snapshots didn’t reflect the beauty of the dishes and the story they had to tell. 

That desire sparked the beginning of my career as a food photographer. I set out to master the art and technical skills of photography, and combine that with my unique talent and style of storytelling through food.  My aim with each photograph is to evoke a response for the viewer that is both emotional and memorable.

In addition to food and photography, functional nutrition and exercise are an essential part of my life.  From hiking to cross country skiing, you can find me exploring the outdoors with my two littles.

It brings me great joy to combine my love of imagery with my love of food.  For me, food photography isn't simply about creating a visual identity for brands —it's more than that— it's my personal calling.

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